Family Dentist in Anchorage AK

Choosing a family dentist can be difficult because you want someone that can deal well with the entire family, not just your children.

When choosing a family dentist, you should look for those that have the most experience with children as well as with adults. Your children must feel comfortable going to this dentist because its during this time period that your child can either grow up hating the dentist or grow up with no fear of the dentist.

Training is one of the most important things for dentists of all types. To become a dentist, one must attend and pass dental school and become licensed in the state they wish to practice. You can always ask the potential dentist about any continuing education he or she has gone through as well as if they have stayed up to date with latest technologies and advancements in their field.

You may also want to consider a family dentist that has a specialty, as these dentists can help with many extra situations that may occur.

It may also help if the family dentist belongs to any professional dental organizations, either nationally or state wide. For instance the ADA (American Dental Association) is nationally represented, while the Alaska Dental Society is represented state wide.

The Experience Of Your Family Dentist

Many people confuse training with experience, but these are two separate things. It is important to know how long the dentist has been practicing; if it has been less than a year then the dentist is not very experienced and may cause problems with children or scared patients in your family. Dr. Scott Laudon has been practicing dentistry since 1992 and has years of experience within most dental fields.

Another question to consider is which procedures are performed most on patients in their office. Many people tend to not think of this question, but it is important to ensure the dentist you choose is skilled with the services you need. Those services he performs most are those that he is most skilled in.

The Services Available

When looking for a family dentist, you should find out what services are available, even if you do not think you will need them. In many cases, dentists offer extra services, such as orthodontics, sedation dentistry, cosmetic or restorative dentistry. Of course, choose a dentist that provides services you need most, but consider optional services too.

The Atmosphere Of The Dental Office

Before choosing the dentist and setting up appointments for you and your family, take a tour of the office with the family. The atmosphere of the office will provide you with a lot of insight. Are the staff friendly and smile often? Are there comfortable-looking chairs, pictures on the walls, and an all-around good feeling when you walk in? Also, it is important to listen well when on the tour. Do you hear children crying or screaming? Do the adults sound fearful? This could be a sign that the dentist doesn’t work well with scared people or children.

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