vaneers dentist anchorageAre you tired of your yellowish and dull smile? Most people are hindered from socially interacting because they are ashamed of their teeth. This makes it hard for them to mingle and thus, it may affect their personal life and careers. Dental veneers may just be what you need to get that mega-watt smile you always dreamed of.

What Are Dental Veneers?

They may be made from porcelain or dental composite material. These are tooth-colored wafer-thin shells, which are custom-made to cover the front surface of teeth. It improves the color and shape of your dentition. The dental veneers are bonded to the tooth, and your dentist can create one that improves the over-all size, shape or length to give you an aesthetically-pleasing grin.

Porcelain or Composite?

The choice of material will depend upon your condition and preference. Here are some things you should consider. Porcelain veneers reflect light just like normal teeth. They are also better when in comes to resisting stains. Composite veneers, on the other hand, are thinner. Thus, less of the enamel needs to be removed to facilitate placement. During your consultation visit, you and your dentist can discuss the pros and cons of the materials, with regard to your case.

What Do Dental Veneers Fix?

Veneers are used to fix a variety of cases. Here are the common dental conditions that veneers can resolve.

Discolored Dentition

Medications like tetracycline can leave unsightly intrinsic stains that can be hard, if not impossible to remove with teeth whitening. Excessive fluoride use can result in fluorosis or mottled enamel. After a root canal, the non-vital tooth will usually change in color. Large resin fillings are also another unsightly factor. Veneers cover up these imperfections.

Chipped And Worn Down Dentition

Nothing is more unappealing than chipped or worn down teeth. Chips or fractures may be caused by medical conditions or blunt force caused by an accident. Worn down teeth can be a result of night grinding or brushing using the wrong technique or using excessive force. Veneers will make your dentition look better and prevent sensitivity as well.


If you do not want to waste years on Invisalign or orthodontic braces, veneers are the best option for you. They can be used to close unsightly spaces or gaps. Those with peg laterals and other types of misshaped teeth can instantly look better with the help of this wafer-thin solution.

What Goes On In The Office?

You will need at least three trips to the clinic for this procedure. The first one is for consultation purposes. The second meeting is for veneer creation. Dental veneers are put in place during the third visit. The procedure is as follows:

Dental anesthetic is applied to prevent the patient from feeling sensitivity or discomfort during the procedure. Half a millimeter of enamel is removed to make room for the veneer. Once this is done, an impression of the teeth is taken. This is sent to the laboratory, where your veneer or veneers are manufactured. Please note that it may take 1 to two weeks for the completion of the veneer. Nevertheless, temporary veneers are used to cover up the reduced teeth.

Once the veneers are finished, it is time for the dentist to bond the wafer-thin pieces with the teeth. The dental practitioner will begin by holding it over the tooth to ensure that it is the perfect color and fit. The cement is chosen to customize the color even more. The receiving tooth is cleaned and polished. An etching gel is used to roughen the surface. This will strengthen the bond between the tooth and veneer. As soon as it is in place, a laser light is used to cure the bonding cement. The excess is removed, and the patient’s bite is checked to ensure nothing less than perfection. Please remember to come back for the follow-up visit, as it is important to assess the final result.

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