At Alcan Dental Group, we understand that emergencies happen when you least expect it. If you need emergency dentistry in Anchorage, Alaska, call our office at 907-562-4774. Dr. Scott Laudon will help you get relief as soon as possible.

Between the time of your dental emergency and your appointment with our dentists, we invite you to read through our emergency care instructions below.

If your injury is serious or life threatening, we highly recommend that you visit your nearest emergency room or call 911 before you seek dental treatment from our office.

Chipped or Fractured Tooth

If you chip or fracture a tooth, please contact our office as soon as possible. If possible, please wash and bring with you any part of the tooth that may have broken off. Apply gauze to any bleeding areas until the bleeding stops and place an ice pack or compress over the area to minimize swelling and pain. To further minimize pain, you can use a topical pain reliever to ease your discomfort until you can visit the office. If you’re not able to see us right away, you can cover the affected area with dental cement (this is available at most pharmacies).


Dislodged or Loosened Teeth

If a tooth becomes dislodged or loosened in any way, please contact our office immediately to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, please place an ice pack or cold compress over the area to minimize pain and swelling. You may also use over the counter pain relievers as needed. When you meet with our team, our dentists will help stabilize the tooth again.


Knocked Out Teeth

If you have lost a tooth completely, please contact our office immediately to meet at our office. We can replace your tooth, but the success of replacing your tooth depends on how quickly you can come into our office to fix the damage. Before you come in, rinse out your mouth to remove any blood or debris and place an ice pack or cold compress on the area to reduce pain and swelling. Please bring in the tooth with you; when you touch the tooth, make sure to only touch it by the crown and not the root.


Lost Crown or Filling

Crowns or fillings may become dislodged due to tooth decay or from a blow to the face. If either of these things happen, please contact our office as soon as possible. If you still have the crown, store it in a safe, cool place until you can meet with our team. While waiting for your appointment, you can apply dental cement or clove oil to the tooth to reduce pain or discomfort. You can also use dental cement to fix the crown to the tooth, if possible.



You can typically get relief from a toothache on your own by rinsing your mouth to clear debris or flossing or dislodging any debris that may be stuck between teeth. However, if this does not resolve the problem and the toothache persists, please contact our office as soon as possible so we can determine the cause and prescribe treatment. Do NOT place any aspirin on your gums or teeth, as this can cause damage.